Film Titles was my end of 3rd year project. The aim of this project was to create film titles for a 4th year graduate film in The National Film School in IADT. The film I received was called 'Braid'. Braid is a bittersweet drama, about Lily, a self-destructive and endearing girl, who is caught up in the numbing distraction of sex and alcohol. Her and her father’s inability to come to terms with the death of her mother keeps them at a distance, until Adam, a warm and understanding guy, persuades her to try a different kind of distraction. My idea was to focus on the sad sex aspect of the film. The lace underwear conveys the sad aspect of the film and the bokeh symbolizes the lake at the end of the film where they scatter the mothers ashes. The sad music I chose suited the tone of the motion piece. I used cool, blue and purple colours to show grief and sadness as the film is mainly shot in these colours.



Film Titles